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•  ASME Code Stamps – “U” Established 2007

•  The National Board Registered Code Vessels including Repair & Alteration Stamps

   – NBIC “NB” and “R" Stamp Established 2007

•  Certified Welders

•  Non-conformance tracking and reporting

•  ASME Audit Every 3 years

•  API Q1, 12F, and 12D Certificates established 2015

•  API Audit Annually

Quality + Excellence + Customer Satisfaction + Integrity

Smith Industries operates under a formal Quality Management System ensuring that the product you receive is built under the strictest guidelines. It's the company’s policy to comply in every respect to all rules and regulations stipulated in the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1, the National Board Inspection Code, Jurisdictional Requirements as well as the company’s Quality Control Manual.


Smith Industries is a full-service engineering, drafting, and fabrication facility.


ASME Sec VIII Div. 1 – “U” Stamp
National Board “R” Stamp
API 12F Monogram
API 12D Monogram
API Q1 QMS License
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We Deliver What We Promise

What Our Customers Are Saying:

"With SMITH INDUSTRIES, I never have to worry about any kind of follow-up; they are on top of every detail, and they are really proactive about sending me updates."
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