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Gun Barrels

Storage Tanks built to API 12F and 12D Specs

Our standard design Gunbarrel Tanks come in an API configuration of 1000 or 750 barrel tanks. Included is a removable flume and gas boot assembly. A flat spreader table is installed for added separation benefits. Nozzles include 4” API 5L threaded couplings with 8” ANSI raised face slip-on flanges for the waterleg outlet connections. Although the Smith Industries standard design Gunbarrel has years of proven experience in the field, there are certain situations that require specific design requirements. Smith Industries is capable of building and aiding in the design of alternate Gunbarrel or separating tanks based on customer specific needs

The tanks can be monogrammed or non-monogrammed.

We are currently building the following tanks:

500 BBL

750 BBL

1000 BBL

1150 BBL

Tanks are blasted indoors with steel shots to prepare the surface for exterior paint and internal coating (lining).

Two indoor coat and paint shops are temperature controlled to aid in application and cure time.

Smith Industries can deliver and set the tanks with our knuckleboom trucks.

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